‘Hope keeps you alive’: Hiker survived 48 hours in forest with only a little water and a tangerine

FRESNO, Calif. — A woman is safe at home just days after being rescued from the Sierra National Forest.

Jolly Bose got separated from her group one week ago while hiking near the White Bark Vista and Dusy Ershim Trail.

On Sunday, October 17, Bose and her friends set out for a hike in the Sierra National Forest.

They planned for an eight-mile hike; it was only supposed to take about four hours. Then Bose got lost and began a 48-hour journey of survival in freezing conditions.

Bose had only a little bit of water and just a tangerine for food.

“I did not have any fear and I never lost hope,” said Bose.

Bose said she knew her friends would call for help. When they couldn’t find her, they called for Search and Rescue.

“Jolly’s story is incredible, she shows how powerful the mind is,” said Tony Botti from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.

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She had a powerful skill: meditation.

Bose meditated and imagined herself eating more than she had with each bite. She also imagined she was drinking water when she had none left.

She stumbled upon a small bathroom where she sheltered and kept warm when the temperature dropped to 14 degrees.

“Hope keeps you alive,” said Bose.

When rescuers found her close to Ershim Lake on Tuesday, Bose had no injuries. She says despite all this, she’s ready to hit the trail again soon.

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