Rising Gas Prices Cause Farmers to Pay Four Times More to Produce

The price for gas and oil has reached record highs across the nation and farmers in the area have already felt the cost in their budget for production. 

According to our Nexstar media partners at KAMC-TV in Lubbock, Cotton farmer in Idalou, Texas, Scott Harmon said the increase in gas prices made it unpredictable how much he’ll have to spend to finish treating his crop for the upcoming season.   

AAA’s Daniel Armbuster said it is likely that gas prices have not hit their peak.

According to AAA, that means that the average person in West Texas over the last fest weeks has paid less at the pump than a lot of other places in the county. One the other hand, Farmers like Harmon have to adjust their budgets for the extra costs for chemicals and transportation.  

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Courtesy of Texas News – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth