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US Nears Plan for Widescale Expulsions of Haitian Migrants

The Biden administration worked Saturday on plans to send many of the thousands of Haitian immigrants who have gathered in a Texas border city back to their Caribbean homeland, in a swift response to the huge influx of people who suddenly crossed the border from Mexico and congregated under and around a bridge. Details were yet to be finalized but would likely involve five to eight flights per day that would begin Sunday, according to an official with direct knowledge of the plans who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity. San Antonio, the nearest major city to Del Rio, where the migrants have gathered, could be among the departure cities. The official said Friday that operational capacity and Haiti’s willingness would determine the number of flights, but that “good progress” was being made. Another administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity expected two flights per day, at most, and said all migrants would be tested for COVID-19. U.S. authorities closed traffic to vehicles and pedestrians in both directions Friday at the only border crossing in Del Rio after the chaotic influx of migrants presented the administration…

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‘He’s My Hero’: Parents Remember Texas Marine Killed in Kabul Airport Bombing

Through tears, Elizabeth Holguin talks about her son. “He was a great kid,” Holguin said. “He was my son.” A marine she says was killed in the suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan. “He’s my hero,” Holguin said. “My marine and he’s served his country.” The family said military is what he always wanted to do since he was about 14 years old. “I think all veterans are going to be disturbed,” The Veterans Center of North Texas Executive Director Paul Hendricks said. Hendricks is also a veteran of the Vietnam War and knows what’s happening in Afghanistan can trigger other veterans. “There was certainly a mass exodus out of Vietnam just like there is going on today with Afghanistan,” Hendricks said. He knows veterans of previous wars or even from this one may need help.  Their nonprofit is one that provides resources. “We’re here to provide referral,” Hendricks said. “Where can I go to get services in the community and help on that integration and just help to be stable in the community.  And then we do have resources to provide direct financial assistance if that’s warranted.” Hendricks added for many veterans seeing what’s happening overseas or just returning from Afghanistan…

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